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UP Aerospace Past Missions

SL-17 Mission Patch.jpg

May 1 2023: NASA TechRise Student Challenge Mission

Final .png
SL-11 launch.jpg
SL-11 Mission patch transparent.png
SL-12 Launch with SPC in background.JPG
SL-12 transparent.png
SL-10 NMSA launch photo.jpg
SL-10 patch transparent.png
SL-9 launch.jpg
SL-9 patch transparent.png
SL-8 Liftoff.jpg
SL-8 Patch transparent.png
SL-7 transparent.png
SpaceLoft-6 LiftOff.jpg
SL-6 Patch transparent.png
SL5 PAD 1.jpg
SL-5 patch transparent.png
UP Aerospace Space Launch.jpg
Lockheed Martin.png

October 10, 2009: Lockheed Martin Reusable Rocket Plane Launch

MTBV JT 086 Adjusted.jpg

August 4, 2009: MOOG-FTS "Midnight TestBed" Rocket Powered UAV Prototype Launch

SL3 launch VIP View.jpg
SL3 student logo 2 crop.jpg

May 2, 2009: 1st Annual New Mexico Space Grant Launch (SpaceLoft-3)

Lockheed Martin.png

August 12, 2008: Lockheed Martin Space Plane Prototype Launch Mission 2

Lockheed Martin.png

December 19, 2007: Advanced Technology Demonstration Launch for Lockheed Martin Space Systems

SL-2 website.jpg
oie_transparent (1).png

April 28, 2007: First Rocket to Reach Space from Spaceport America (SpaceLoft-2)

SpaceLoft 1.jpg

September 25, 2006: Spaceport America's Inaugural Commercial Space Launch (SpaceLoft-1)

UP Aerospace has been actively conducting space flown and prototype test flight launch services at Spaceport America since 2006. Our missions have encompassed a variety of clients ranging from government, aerospace industry, and private individuals. Below you will find a listing of each of our contracted missions listed in chronological order beginning with our most recent.


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