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April 5, 2012: UP Aerospace Launches Payloads Into Space for the DoD and NASA Flight Opportunities Program

(Spaceport America, New Mexico) At 8:18 a.m. SpaceLoft-6 lifted off from Spaceport America making this the 6th space launch and the 10th launch overall for UP Aerospace. In an awesome display of space flight technology the vehicle reached an altitude of 385,640 feet, and returned from space landing successfully on White Sands Missile Range. SpaceLoft-6 carried payloads for The Department of Defense (ORS), as well as the first space flown payload for NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program. “The vehicle performed perfectly from liftoff to touchdown”, said UP Aerospace President, Jerry Larson. He added, “This is a proud day for us in being able to display the remarkable performance of the SpaceLoft vehicle with proven performance, precision, safety, and mission success.”

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