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September 12, 2018 UP Aerospace launches and deploys NASA's ADEPT Spacecraft

(Spaceport America, New Mexico) - On Wednesday September 12, 2018 UP Aerospace successfully launched the SL-12 rocket three minutes into the planed launch window at 7:33 am local time.  The NASA ADEPT SR-1 re-entry test vehicle separation occurred at 95 seconds from liftoff and was tracked by radar.  The ADEPT separation was the the second successful use of the UP Aerospace Automated Payload Deployment System (APDS). The payload section reached a maximum altitude of 354,000 feet (108 km) MSL. The drogue and main parachute recovery systems deployed resulting in a nominal landing on White Sands Missile Range. The drogue and main parachute for the nose fairing section also deployed normally and was recovered for reuse on a future mission.  UP Aerospace is on track to conduct a second launch in 5 days for NASA on September 17.  

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