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About UP Aerospace Inc.

Company Overview

UP Aerospace was created in 1998 by founder Jerry Larson and incorporated in 2004 with headquarters located in Denver, Colorado.   UP Aerospace has been successfully conducting sub-orbital space launches from Spaceport America in New Mexico since 2006. 


Our launch operations and SpaceLoft sub-orbital launch vehicle were designed and built from the ground up as a highly reliable low cost Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) system.  Flight hardware re-usability has been a key program requirement for the SpaceLoft launch program, enabling further advancements in low cost space launch operations.  


UP Aerospace is using these proven technologies to develop a larger sub-orbital vehicle for increased micro-gravity time, payload size, and to perform hypersonic missions in excess of Mach 10.   An orbital launch vehicle called Spyder is also under development in collaboration with NASA that will provide low cost access to orbital space for CubeSat sized spacecraft.


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Engineering and Test Facilities


Our engineering offices are located in Denver Colorado.  Here we design and manufacture in-house all of our avionics, separation systems, recovery, and flight hardware components.  Payload integration with the launch vehicle is conducted in our final assembly facilities in Denver.  Pre-flight preparations include a Combined Systems Test (CST) with all payloads and vehicle avionics to ensure compatibility and proper functionality prior to shipping to the launch site.


Launch Site


The launch site for UP Aerospace operations is located at Spaceport America New Mexico, the worlds first purpose-built spaceport.  Spaceport America provides ideal flight weather (historically 340 days of sunshine per year), and superior launch opportunities with restricted airspace adjacent to White Sands Missile range.


Our launch complex consists of a number of fixed buildings that are used to conduct launch operations, assemble the launch vehicle, and perform the final payload integration close out procedures.  The Launch Control Center (LCC) is the heart of the operation, where the launch crew conducts the launch campaigns and monitors the vehicle during flight.  A Payload Processing Facility (PPF) is located adjacent to the LCC where customers  perform payload integration and monitor telemetry from payloads in real-time.  Launch Pad One is 4,500 feet East of the LCC, where our permanent remotely controlled launcher and roll-back Final Assembly Building (FAB) are located.

UP Aerospace Launch Complex New Mexico.j

Space Propulsion Center


In 2017 UP Aerospace and Cesaroni Technologies Inc. created the Space Propulsion Center (SPC) located at Spaceport America.  The SPC was developed to provide world class solid rocket motor manufacturing capabilities in support of the SpaceLoft suborbital and Spyder orbital launch vehicles.  The facilities include a remotely controlled state-of-the-art mix and cast complex, final assembly facility, and rocket motor static test stand and instrumentation

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